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Self Management as a Landlord – What it’s all about

So what exactly is self-management? I mean I know you want to buy a property and rent it out yourself, but are you really ready to self manage your own property without the help of a property manager.

What is Self-management?

Self-management, in the context of property, simply means you as the landlord, managing your own property, from finding tenants to organising your inventory, to sorting out the deposit, ensuring you have a tenancy agreement drafted that deals with repairs that come up during the course of the tenancy. In a nutshell, everything alls to you as the landlord to research, organise and implement and in most cases, this is a lot of work to do.

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However a lot of people, (like ourselves) have noticed that as much as some landlords sometimes can and may want to do it all by themselves, it does help to have a little helping hand from those who have been in the property business for longer. 

Pros of self-management

Of all the pros of self-managing your own property, here are the two main ones that landlords tend to find attractive about managing your property yourself, such as:

  • More control – you will essentially be in charge of making all the decisions in relation to the property. You get to choose your own tenants, build a good relationship with them and have a better oversight on the condition of your property.
  • Save money – by managing the property yourself, you don’t have to pay a percentage of your profits to a management agent to manage your property for you.
Cons of self-management

While there are some advantages to self-management, there also are a number of disadvantages, two of which are:

  • Legal and financial responsibilities – there are legal and financial mistakes that you as a landlord could face when trying to self manage your property by yourself. For example, making sure you have registered the deposit, carried out an inventory check, keep the property in good repair, etc.
  • The demand on your time – let’s put it simply, if a tenant calls you at 3 am about the loss of heat or a burst pipe, you have to find a solution fast. As the first port of call for all tenant enquiries, you (the landlord) will have to ensure that you have given your tenant’s contact details to speak to you when they have questions or issues with the property.
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The alternative

Before you jump ahead and think the alternative is having your property managed by a managing agent think again. As well as being a property management business, we are one of the very few who offer landlords who want to self manage their own property, an alternative that allows them to do that but with the support of our experience within the property market.

You can CLICK HERE to find out more about this service, but in brief, the alternative we offer our clients is access to our unique platform.

Our property management platform is a quick, simple, jargon free and easy to use platform that takes away all the hassle, stress and core administrative tasks of managing a property, all without the need to hire a dedicated estate agent.

You don’t need to download software or learn how to use complex tools it is all done online through our website. 

So managing your property doesn’t have to be stressful or time-consuming.

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