Property and Homes

About Us

Property and Homes management was formed by Pelumi Solaru and Seyi Solaru. As private landlords themselves, they decided to manage their own properties to save on property management fees. Before they started to go down this journey they realised there wasn’t a lot of information or guidance for landlords on how to self manage a property, which made the whole process more difficult. 

After taking the plunge into the self management world, they realised it put a high demand on them as they were still working their day jobs like most landlords while having to deal with calls from tenants due to unforeseen breakdowns, leading to a last minute rush to arrange and coordinate repairs, as well as staying on top of the assessments needed to stay compliant, all whilst trying to provide a comfortable and safe home for their tenants.

Through this process and experience, they realised there must be a better way for landlords who choose to manage their own properties especially when dealing with repairs, maintenance and all the regulatory requirements to rent out a property in the UK.


So they put their heads together and designed this platform with the aim of helping landlords to self manage their properties in a more structured, efficient and hassle free way without the need of an estate agent all, while still providing a comfortable and safe home for tenants. 

Fast forward a few years later and we have Property and Homes Management Ltd where they have designed a process where landlords, tenants and various service providers can all interface easily via a purpose built central platform.