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Please note, if there are multiple repairs you would like resolved, then please raise a single request for each repair.

Air extractor

To repair appliances used to remove waste air from the property i.e. kitchen and bathroom extractor fans


To repair appliances you use around the house on a day to day basis i.e. cooking, washing etc

Detection & fire prevention

To repair equipment used to detect smoke or high levels of heat. This also includes fire suppression systems like a fire blankets or fire hydrants

Doors, keys & locks

To repair a faulty door, key or lock i.e. slanted door or lost keys


To repair any faults associated with drains i.e. blocked drain


To repair electrical services used to power or operate services within the property i.e. sockets, switches etc


To repair any faults associated with a furniture provided with the property i.e. faulty bed


To repair services used to provide both space and hot water heating

Hot water, plumbing & bathrooms

To repair services associated with supplying water cold or hot water for drinking and bathing i.e. valves, taps, showers, pipe leaks

Kitchen worktop & cabinet

Services associated with the repair to kitchen worktops and cabinets i.e. broken kitchen cabinet door handle


To repair all types of faults with the stairs i.e. damaged handrail


To repair any faults associated with toilet.


To repair any faults associated with a window in the property i.e. cracked window or faulty closing mechanism

Walls, ceilings & flooring

To repair any fault or damage associated with a wall or ceiling i.e. mould build up, hole in the wall


To repair any indoor fault that is not listed.