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Top 5 simple energy saving tips for tenants

As well as the cost of living crisis, everyone is also having to deal with high energy bills. Whether you are a landlord that has passed on the costs or you take on the costs of those high energy bills, this post is a must-read.

Why are our energy bills going up?

The UK’s current energy crisis has not been caused by any single thing, but in fact is a result of many things happening at the same time, one of which is the war in Ukraine. In brief, Europe has stopped buying gas from Russia, and Russia has stopped piping gas to other countries.


So where does that leave the UK? Well now the UK has to buy gas from other countries which essentially means the price of gas has risen quickly and as such, high energy bills.

Energy saving tips

  1. Save power where you can.

Simple things like turning off the lights when you leave a room or unplugging appliances.  You should also consider buying smart, so if you need to replace an appliance, look at how much electricity it uses. Another great idea is to swap to LED light bulbs where you can.

  1. Use energy wisely

Practical steps like turning off all the appliances before leaving the house or closing doors to keep the heat in are great ways you can help to save money on your energy bills.  Other practical ways to save money on your energy bills could be loading your washing machine or dishwasher full rather than half loads or washing your clothes at a lower temperature 30-40°C will all make an impact.

  1. Think about how your cook

You have to eat, there is no doubt about that but the way you prepare your food could help you save on your energy bills.

If you are cooking with a gas hob, try cooking with a moderate flame because it only needs to be intense enough to heat the base of the pan. If you have to reheat your food, try using the microwave rather than the oven, it will heat up your food a lot quicker, therefore, using a lot less energy.

  1. Staying warm doesn’t have to be costly

If you are using the radiators, make sure there is nothing blocking it so that it doesn’t take as much time to heat up the room.  Think about the type of curtains or blinds you have as they can also help to reduce heat escaping the house. Also, dress warm, nothing wrong with adding a few layers on when you are in the house.

  1. Use technology

The final tip to reduce your energy bills comes in the form of technology.  You can choose to use a smart device to control your thermostat which gives you the ease of being able to turn your heating up or down via an app.

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